Voyager EP

by The Nova Echo

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released October 19, 2010

The Nova Echo Is:

Caleb Hanks - Lead Vocals
Evan Bradford - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Lee Brooks - Keys/Synths
Matt Hixon - Bass
Travis Moss - Drums

Music & Lyrics By Caleb Hanks
Produced By Caleb Hanks & Evan Bradford

Lyrics Available at

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The Nova Echo would like to thank our families, friends and fans for all of the love, enthusiasm, and constant support. Without you none of this would be possible.



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The Nova Echo Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Harps
Doctor, doctor, what the hell have you done?
You let the monster loose, and now it's on the run
Those cyberoptic eyes projecting fears stretched wide
We flipped the switch and then there was life locked inside

So scan the searchlights

It just seemed so captivating, but subsequently
We played the gods and there was life robotically

We've got to burn the bridge to this connection
This isn't life, it's an abomination
It's getting close, we've got him on our screens
Don't kill the guns until we kill the screams

Captivating, but subsequently
We played the gods and there was life robotically
Drop the bomb engage the EMP
We've got to rid the world of this catastrophe

No matter what, you can never delete them
Is it so wrong to live mechanically?
To learn robotically?
To think bionically?

Captivating, but subsequently
We played the gods and there was life robotically
And we destroy what we're too blind to see
When you can see the strings, we are the real machine
Track Name: Vesper
Tonight, I'll take you anywhere
I can't stand how we figured out everything, so let's get away
Tonight, this ride is all we need
So cold, it's comforting to leave it all behind

The view from here

You'll be there when I call out your name
Got a feeling in my heart beat tonight
Can you feel it when you close your eyes
All that we need, we view from the sky

So now these words do anything
Let's find this life on the other side of reality
And watch the clouds collide
Tell me now, have you figured out what it is that you're so without

Can I make your secret mine?
Track Name: Voyager
Time divides for you, it peels back
Layers of solid light like oceans
Fire stumbles under my skin, so do you
Life open and wild, overdue
Listed "path unknown" next destination
Curse the black beyond and this patience
The signal weak, but holding on
I breathe with haste when you're gone

Tear me out, I know you can't
You don't feel anything but the burn in your black eyes
(So I can get back to you)
Take me down, but I could never you go, I'll stay by your side

Broken shards of ice spin and surround you
War drums thunder down, we're losing time now
Can you hear me now? Don't let go
Here's the end for now, don't give in
Track Name: Ragnarok
Passing through the shattered sky
It's all I've got to just keep the signal pinned down
The leaving thoughts all trickled down
Into the clouds we ripped right through on our way out
Mixed up in a tangle of slightly off feelings a phrase bleeds into my lungs
I want a love that hurts like hell when you're gone
I feel something in the cyber-kinetic lifeline of dreams and wishes that don't come true
My love's a void and I need to fill it with you

Things may seems like they're losing steam
Just hold on to the love you know
I have a seen a world beyond the seams
Just hold on because in time you'll know

Taking turns, burning our words up in the vast fires in space
Will I know which ones to hold to? Will I know when it's time to let go?
Lockdown the frequency and hook this one up to be stabilized and breathe
It'll be all over soon

I've searched for lightyears to find a love like this
We're losing this one
There's nothing could divide me from your side
Just breathe and let go of the pain
Soon you'll wake up and everything will be the same

But you're fading away And If you can hear me now
If you're not already gone
I'll be there with you
When you dream

I know if we bring this back to life
We'll be back in the sky
And you want to see the other side
We'll get there in time

All in time
In time we'll know